Some of the groups in the Madison area are offering the option to attend their meetings virtually using video/phone conferencing software.  Please read the “Zoom Tips for Meetings” before connecting to a meeting.

Go here for an up-to-date meeting list:

If your meeting is not yet listed, we are looking for people willing to host the meeting.  If you are willing to host a meeting send an email to and we will give you instructions for how to connect via Zoom as a host.  We have an outline you may use as a basis for leading the meeting, including some of the standard readings.

If your meeting is not listed you can still try to join the Zoom meeting room and have an ad-hoc meeting if others show up. More formal meetings will be held online as we get used to this new meeting format.

More meetings will be added to the list as individual groups take a group conscience to see if they are willing and able to support this feature.

For more information visit the members site at or send an email to for more information.

Zoom Tips for Meetings