From the ISO Website:

The suggested guidelines for Intergroup Representatives are as follows:

  1. It is suggested that a group member make a commitment to be an intergroup representative for one year. After two years it is probably time to pass it on to another member so more people have the experience.
  2. It is recommended that the representative be present at each meeting or that a substitute be sent if the regular representative can’t make a particular meeting.
  3. The representative is responsible for bringing funds designated for the Intergroup by their local group.
  4. Representatives may wish to volunteer to take on responsibilities or join committees formed by the Intergroup.
  5. It is suggested that the representative stay familiar with the minutes from the intergroup.
  6. Because there is limited time at intergroup meetings each representative should be respectful of others
  7. When a representative ends their tenure and a new one is ready to start, it would be best if both new and old representatives attend an intergroup meeting. The new representative can be introduced to the people and workings of intergroup.